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About Adjoa’s perspective

Hello, my name is Adjoa and I write to help you:

☑️ Discover your purpose

☑️ Know your worth; and

☑️ Realise your potential.

All in the sincere hopes that you score an A+++ in life.

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You may be thinking what value does Adjoa’s perspective have to offer?

Well here’s my pitch. You read on and decide …

The author of Adjoa’s perspective may not hold degrees in purpose, worth and potential, but she holds three degrees in international relations, law and leadership.
As a teenager, she was a bright and bubbly student who enjoyed learning (and still does). She liked to finish her homework and would score mostly straight As.
She graduated university as one of the top students in her cohort, and was awarded first class honours in law and the university medal for outstanding scholarship.
She secured her dream job as a criminal defence lawyer at one of the leading defence firms in Sydney, Australia and has been invited to present to academic, community, government, and high-school audiences about her unique experiences.

I tell you all this because for a long time, these achievements were what made me valuable. And I’ve even outlined these achievements to you in the hopes that you would see value in this newsletter. How ironic!

NEVERTHELESS, through Adjoa’s perspective, I hope to facilitate frank discussions and share stories with you that help you see that your worth is inherent and should not depend on you achieving that next big thing.

(I’ve actually recently resigned from my legal job to pursue related but different opportunities, including this one. For more context, you can check out my YouTube channel here).

But true to form I also hope to inspire and guide you to strive for excellence and score an A+++ in life. Because don’t get me wrong, I do believe in mastering your craft (that’s a big part of what we will be diving into here) and celebrating the achievements you have worked hard for.

As a quick little fun fact, serendipitously, my first, middle and last names all begin with the letter A! How fitting.

I offer myself as your unofficial mentor which, prior to entering the legal profession, I did professionally, leading a youth mentoring program for over 100 young people. The focus was empowering young people to make positive and informed life choices.

I’m not sure exactly who you are, you may be a youth or young at heart. Either way, I believe we can learn and grow together.

Experiences in my early childhood and young adulthood have helped me appreciate unique struggles that we can face in trying to achieve what our circumstances would tell us is impossible.

You are capable of leading a meaning-filled life and I am making it my mission to encourage you to step into the fullness of who you have been created to be.

I will always remain a nerd at heart, and will continue to consume productivity content, but after experiencing the more unhealthy sides of these coins, I want to promote becoming your best self without compromising your mental health.

If you’re still not convinced, watch this video.

And if you’re still not convinced, ah well! I gave it a good try ✧.

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